The loneliness of the sub goalkeeper

The loneliness of the sub goalkeeper

08-Mar-2018 13:41:24 | The Guardian

Carlo Nash, who watched two FA Cup finals on the bench, and Richard Lee explain how No 2 keepers deal with not playing

By Chris Evans for The Set Pieces, part of the Sport Network

It was an all-too-familiar feeling. Standing on the Wembley turf surrounded by his team-mates, Carlo Nash soaked up the atmosphere as the pre-game buzz spread around the stadium. The 2011 FA Cup final between Manchester City and Stoke would be Nash’s second experience of the showpiece event and it would almost certainly mirror his first, for Everton against Chelsea, two years earlier.

As the goalkeeper warmed up beneath Wembley’s iconic arch, he knew this was likely to be his only taste of action on the hallowed turf. Barring an unexpected turn of fortune, Nash would spend the final on the bench watching the drama unfold just yards in front of him. When you’re a No 2 goalkeeper, the frustration of watching the action with your nose pressed against an imaginary pane of glass is a regular feeling.

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