Clint Dempsey on decision to return to MLS: "I wouldn’t change a thing"

Clint Dempsey on decision to return to MLS:

06-Dec-2017 05:00:00 | Yahoo Sports

Most Seattle Sounders fans would probably agree that Clint Dempsey’s decision to return to MLS worked out pretty well. When healthy and available, he’s produced at a solid clip and the team experienced some of its best seasons while he was here. He’s also fresh off helping lead the Sounders to their second straight MLS Cup final, scoring three goals during this postseason so far. Outside Seattle, you’ll probably find some disagreement. Despite actually scoring at a better clip for the United States men’s national team in the years after the move, some have argued that he’d have been better off remaining overseas. Dempsey, though, has apparently never second-guessed the decision. “My wife didn’t

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