'ITV can have that': the internet reacts to the World Cup 2018 draw

'ITV can have that': the internet reacts to the World Cup 2018 draw

01-Dec-2017 16:45:27 | The Guardian

Football fans and media around the globe used social media to laugh along as the World Cup draw for Russia 2018 took place in Moscow

Football fans around the world might have stopped what they were doing to watch the World Cup draw in the Kremlin, but they certainly didn’t stop posting their reactions to social media as it went on.

Vladimir Putin opened proceedings, not as was noted, to universal acclaim in the hall.

The audience reaction to Putin during the #WorldCupDraw is perfect. pic.twitter.com/3LW8PnoGEy

I'm totally watching this World Cup draw to see someone perform and sing on a stage.

Said no one ever.

Warten auf die WM-Auslosung... #WorldCupDraw pic.twitter.com/UiwgVgQyxp

There's something of the Bond villain henchman look about Maradona today. pic.twitter.com/wYBaTcUWSY

Maradona's come as Manny off Modern Family #worldcupdraw pic.twitter.com/bTK2h8936E

Diego Maradona being part of the draw, he can now legally handle the ball and still cause #England problems! #WorldCupDraw pic.twitter.com/AHkfyXYCNz

The great Sir Gordon Banks making the World Cup draw in a Stoke City tie.

As you do.

Mexico right now #WorldCupDraw pic.twitter.com/Zp4isbkomd

Mexico vs Germany first game #WorldCupDraw pic.twitter.com/4i4LR1oSCv

ARGENTINA WORLD CUP 1994, 2002, 2010, 2014 AND NOW 2018. pic.twitter.com/2XuFRebBDb

This is pretty close to the weakest group that Russia could mathematically have drawn. They couldn't do much better if they'd tried to rig it. https://t.co/1mEG8kr69N

We thought City v Chelsea was the oil Derby up till now. Russia v Saudi Arabia at the World Cup is a whole different level of Oil Derby.

Brilliant from @BBCSport #WorldCupDraw pic.twitter.com/DNwFa7SKrR

First full rehearsal of the @FIFAWorldCup draw has thrown up this beauty of an opening game . pic.twitter.com/Rg6ogVDbCj

Hope Gary starts the World Cup draw like it's Match of the Day: "We've got a bagful of nations to bring you today, 32 in all..."

My balls are hot. https://t.co/daNPGvuFHE

Would it be great if the English FA gave all World Cup tickets to LGBT community
Just to see all the Russian faces
Be great way to say f—k you to that wrestling lunatic putin and the homophobic shit they have going on

England have been drawn against a Hat but will still manage to some how lose... #WorldCupDraw #England ⚽️ pic.twitter.com/X4KmxdVLi1

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